Many businesses owners start off their business from humble beginning. They put in a whole lot of energy, time and enthusiasm and many do not live to see the fruits of their labour. It is their children of family members that enjoy the Money. Yet many of these business owners fail to realize the importance of Governance, Risk and Compliance. There is always the believe that IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN ME and when it eventually does happen, well-wishers alike, come and say that I told you so.

Business owners failed to realize that long term sustainability of their business is very much dependent on having the proper governance structures in place as well as having the Right amount of Check and Balances. This unique 5 DAY Program goes beyond the traditional norm and educates and demonstrates to business owners or personnel from family run businesses can balance the fine line of Cost Versus Control.


  • Learn and understand the importance of Governance and the Challenges faced by today’s business owners
  • Learn and understand the International Best Practices in the space of running and managing your own businesses
  • How to Develop, Implement and Sustain a Governance Model
  • How to Respond to business adversity


  • Basic policies – Finance Internal Control Policy, Approval and Delegation Policy, Business Code of Conduct and Fraud Policy
  • Templates to monitor your risks and controls
  • Audit Program – Methodology and testing procedures for sustaining the developed Governance Model


  • Understanding of key concepts in the world of Governance
  • Deliberation of framework and strategies in the space of Governance
  • Prevention and Detection controls to reduce the occurrence of Bad Governance


Date: On demand
Venue: To be advised
Duration: 5 Day
Time: 9am to 5pm (9 hours including 1 hour lunch break and 2 tea-breaks of 20 minutes. 30 minutes Questions and Answers and 30 minutes for Competency Assessment - Optional)
Fees: Singapore Dollars 5499 (before GST) per participant
10% discount for 2 or more participants from the same the Company
20% discount for 4 or more participants from the same the Company