Governance is not something that you buy from the SHOP FLOOR but it’s something that you BUILD. The misconception that Governance is a standalone activity or something that you buy of the SHOP FLOOR is coming of age. Governance is a complex beast and needs to build on and have the blessing and mandate from the Board.

Professionals have realized that Business Objectives must be achieved amid the uncertainty of economic and social conditions and at the same time ensuring our action are based on ethical values, i.e. acting with integrity.


  • Learn and understand the importance of Governance and the Challenges faced by today’s businesses
  • Learn and understand the International framework for Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • How to Develop, Implement and Sustain a Governance Culture


  • Basic policies and procedures for building a Governance Framework and Culture – Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest and Gift and Entertainment
  • Corporate Governance Infographics and Templates
  • Methodology – How to Audit the Governance Framework and Culture of your Business


  • Understanding of key concepts in the world of Corporate Governance
  • Deliberation of framework and strategies in the space of Corporate Governance
  • Prevention and Detection controls to reduce the occurrence of Bad Governance


Date: On demand
Venue: To be advised
Duration: 4 Day
Time: 9am to 5pm (9 hours including 1 hour lunch break and 2 tea-breaks of 20 minutes. 30 minutes Questions and Answers and 30 minutes for Competency Assessment - Optional)
Fees: Singapore Dollars 4999 (before GST) per participant
10% discount for 2 or more participants from the same the Company
20% discount for 4 or more participants from the same the Company