One of the most important aspects of working on a project is to present the work done in a proper report. A report is written to convey some ideas to the others. The others could be a plant manager, who is not an engineer, or be your superiors of the same profession, or be some technicians. You must keep in mind that, no matter how good your work is it will be a worthless junk if you cannot transmit it to the reader.

A report should be clearly and intelligibly written, and should not need your presence by the report for further explanation to the reader about your considerations during the preparation of this report. You must therefore be able to express yourself to the readers by clearly stating your goals, your approach, your work and your interpretation of the results.


  • Learn and understand Myths and Truths about Investigative Report Writing
  • How to craft an Investigative Report and Export Witness Report
  • Learn and understand the Legal considerations when crafting and Investigative Report


  • Template and format of writing an Investigative Report
  • Two (2) samples of written Investigative Reports


  • Understanding of the KISS Principle
  • Understanding how to craft an effective investigative report
  • Understanding the legal implications involved when crafting an investigative report


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Duration: 2 Days
Time: 9am to 5pm (9 hours including 1 hour lunch break and 2 tea-breaks of 20 minutes. 30 minutes Questions and Answers and 30 minutes for Competency Assessment - Optional)
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